How to Create Payment Link & QR Code

Step 1

Login to Payex’s portal

Log on to our portal at, and key-in your credentials.

Step 2

Create payment link & QR code

Click the “Create Payment Link & QR Code” button on the top of the page once you’re logged in.

paymentlink step2
Step 3

Fill out payment details

For a one-time use payment link, click the “One time” tab. There are 2 options:

Option 1

To create a payment link with the amount and payment type determined by the merchant, fill in all the fields on the form.

paymentlink step3a

Option 2

To create a payment link for general use, leave the fields blank to be filled out by the customer.

paymentlink step3b
Step 4

Generate payment link & QR code

Uncheck the box for “Require customer’s contact details” if you do not require customer’s details.

Uncheck the box for “Require customer’s address” if you do not require customer’s address.

Click the “Generate” button to generate the payment link & QR code.

paymentlink step4
Step 5

Save & share payment link & QR code

A: Right-click and select “Save” to store the QR code to be printed and displayed at your cashier counter.

B: Copy the payment link to save or share to your customers.

C: Click on any platform’s icons to share the payment link to your customers.

D: Do note the expiry date of your payment link. All payment links are valid for 1 year from the date of creation.

paymentlink step5

Note: We do not store payment links & qr codes. Please re-generate a new link if you lost yours.

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